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Cruises on the Rhine

Strasbourg is an essential stopover for cruise boats, with nearly 230 000 people in 2019 – the number increases each year.

The PAS can accommodate cruise boats of varying lengths:

  • 110-metre boats at Docks 1 to 5 in the Ramparts Dock and the Dusuzeau Dock, quai des Belges
  • 135-metre boats at Docks 10 to 13 in the commercial docks, rue de la Minoterie

Pour trouver l’appontement d’arrivée ou de départ de votre bateau, Click here to find the arrival or departure point for your boat.


  • disembarkation near the historic city centre
  • parking places for coaches and cars
  • secure areas
  • public transport (tram, bus), cycle tracks and footpaths
  • landscaping
  • facilities for ship-owners (drinking water, selective waste disposal, etc)



  • 5 berths
  • Access via the southern lock (écluse SUD), open from 7 am to 4 pm every day except Friday, when it is open until 3 pm
  • Access via the northern lock (écluse NORD) open 24h/7 all year round
  • Waste disposal facilities at the lock gates: glass • cardboard • bio-waste • household waste
  • Five-minute walk to the nearest tram station at Place d’Islande
  • Riverside and shore facilities for grey and black water disposal
  • Riverside services for diesel includes engine oil and oil filter recycling
  • Supplies to berths by 19- and 38-tonne refrigerated trucks to P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5
  • Drinking water supplies to the 5 berths


  • 4 berths
  • Direct access without going through the locks
  • Guaranteed draught of 3.50 m
  • Bus and car parking space for tourist guides and other personnel
  • Space for bike hire
  • Supplies to the 4 berths by 19- and 38-tonne refrigerated trucks
  • Drinking water supplies to 4 outlets with flow rate of 20m3/hour (see Fees)
  • Waste recycling area: glass • cardboard • bio-waste • household waste
  • Pedestrian access to urban bus line No.2 at Rue du Port du Rhin near the Harbour Master’s office 650 metres away
  • 900 metres to tram station for trams to city centre, to local shops, banks and supermarket, etc
  • Riverside and shore facilities for grey and black water disposal
  • Riverside engine oil and oil filter recycling
  • Wintering of vessels with no passengers and minimal crew available in November, January, February and March

Would you like to take a cruise on the Rhine?

The PAS provides you with details of the companies that include a stopover in Strasbourg:

List of companies