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The Port of Strasbourg (PAS) has chosen a new operator to run the Lauterbourg multimodal terminal:



Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal SAS was created in February 2020 specifically to operate the multimodal terminal. The company won the tender launched on December 18, 2018. The contract is for an initial term of 5 years and plans renewal options of up to 15 years depending on investments carried out.

It combines different French and German expertises in transport field:

  • Paris Terminal is a company specialized in port, river, rail and road handling and the leading national inland transport operator with experience of more than 20 years in the sector;
  • Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT), a subsidiary of the Sogestran Group, the french leader in river and maritime transport with a fleet of more than 200 units;
  • Haeger & Schmidt offers trimodal solutions around the container activity, encompassing regular services and terminals along the Rhine, as well as a wide range of services for heavy packages transport;
  • The Port of Strabourg, second river port in France, wanted to join in the development of the third multimodal terminal in its territory.

Jean-Louis JEROME, the General Director of the Port of Strasbourg, said : “We have chosen Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal as the future operator of the Lauterbourg multimodal activities because it is a unique alliance of advanced skills in multimodal logistics that will meet the challenges of a terminal whose hinterland straddles France and Germany. The Port of Strasbourg decided to be a partner of the company because it will contribute to the objective of modal shift carried by the Port of Strasbourg in complementary with the multimodal offer existing on other sites of the port, in particular in Strasbourg”.

Jean-François DALAISE, President at Paris Terminal: “For over 25 years Paris Terminal’s mission has been the promotion of modal shift and combined traffics in general. Paris Terminal has become the first container stevedoring company on French inland waterways: this goes from our presence on Seine and Marne rivers, being strategic points for the regional economy in the Ile-de-France region, up to our platform on Oise river, gateway to the future Seine-Nord canal. Following this development, we wanted to join the port of Strasbourg as well as two leading multimodal operators, in order to propose high level services for actors in the logistic chain in the Upper Rhine region. Lauterbourg has optimal connections for road, rail and waterborne transport, and hence proposes advantages for the R3FLEX industrial zone. We are convinced that the multimodal terminal in Lauterbourg will be an important milestone in the growth of our national and international customers”.

For Pascal GIRARDET, Chairman and CEO of CFT: “the Lauterbourg terminal is ideally located between the cities of Strasbourg and Karlsruhe. Our group is setting up there with a perfect cooperation with the partners of Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal and we will develop very high performance level services, both technically and nautically, in the heavy packages and multimodal transport. Innovative, reliable services that do respect our environment, but above all services that meet the needs of local businesses”.

“The Lauterbourg terminal is a strategic development for our portfolio in the « Upper Rhine region »”, adds Heiko BRÜCKNER, General Director of Haeger & Schmidt Logistics GmbH. “With our river line as well as our river line ‘Alsace-Rotterdam express’ we already offer several stops per week at our terminal ETK in Kehl as well as the Rhine Europe Terminals in Strasbourg. Lauterbourg opens up effective opportunities to offer multimodal services to our customers in areas further north, on both sides of the Rhine. Aside from container handling, we also want to develop heavy packages in Lauterbourg, the two key skills of our company”.


Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal will operate multimodal terminal of Lauterbourg as from September 2020.

It will offer container handling services on the 6-hectare terminal by the river thanks to a crane capable of handling up to 29 containers per hour, by rail thanks to twice 400 meters of railways and the road, thanks to the 2 reach stackers. The terminal’s trimodal handling capacity is 80 000 TEU per year.

Lauterbourg Rhine Terminal will also offer handling services for heavy packages thanks to a crane that can lift up to 200 tons and a Ro/Ro ramp.