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River cruises to resume at the Port of Strasbourg on 11/07/2020


In line with French government guidelines (see press release dated 20 June 2020), river cruises including onboard accommodation can resume calls at the Port of Strasbourg, providing new health and hygiene rules are respected.

Measures currently in place up to 10 July

Unless otherwise authorised by the local Prefect, river cruises on vessels offering onboard accommodation are prohibited. Exceptionally, vessels accommodating less than ten persons may travel between locations within départements classed as “Green” zones.

These restrictions apply on all inland waterways, including Rhineland cruise vessels embarking/disembarking in France.

From 11 July 2020

On 11 July 2020, the public health state of emergency in France will officially come to an end, and river cruises will once again be permitted.

The Port of Strasbourg will, therefore, be able to welcome cruise passengers as of 11 July.

Measures implemented for your safety*

To ensure public health and safety and in compliance with regulatory measures, the Port of Strasbourg has re-organised the public disembarkment/embarkment areas at the PAS.

In general, we strongly recommend wearing masks in the quayside area of Rue de la Minoterie (berths P10 to P13) and adhering to social distancing and personal protective measures.

At the quayside, tourism professionals must follow the rules below:

Use the cruise terminal in the Bassin du Commerce, since the bus terminal there is spacious enough to ensure safe physical distancing and create a wide one-way system for passengers embarking/disembarking from each boat,
Follow the same direction as buses and other vehicles at the cruise terminal,
Ensure ample space between parked coaches (use alternate bays),
Only moor at the quayside (e. no double mooring to avoid passengers having to step through other boats),
Please sort all waste on board the boat with a view to reducing the number of people disposing of waste at the bins. Only one crew at a time should enter the waste collection and recycling area.

Any waste that is incorrectly sorted will be refused and returned to the boat from which it came. Remember:

Domestic waste must be placed in black plastic sacks.
Cardboard and paper must be placed together in clear plastic sacks before being put in the containers provided for that purpose.
Organic waste must be disposed of in pallet boxes, not in plastic sacks,
Please dispose of glass in the glass recycling bins.

These measures apply in addition to measures implemented by the cruise companies to protect the health and safety of passengers and crew members on board, and do not replace them.

* the public health measures in force are subject to change. The Port de Strasbourg will inform you of any changes.

Confirm or book your port call

Port Autonome de Strasbourg – PAS

Mr Philippe DUNAS / + 33 6 30 55 25 44.

Please see full details of Rhine river cruises, passenger facilities and services for cruise boat owners. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Port of Strasbourg!