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Services for businesses

CLES' – local environmental synergetic cooperation (Coopérations Locales et Environnementales en Synergies)

Come and join one of the many inter-company synergies set up in the port area in Strasbourg.

If you are looking to recycle your waste locally, for local energy sources, to pool your purchasing of goods and services, or to share your equipment or infrastructures, CLES can provide you with a solution.

CLES is a pioneer in the circular economy in the Grand Est region. It is currently one of the most mature in France, having started up in 2013. It is nothing short of an ecosystem in itself. The synergies created to date have enabled participating companies to save 300 000 euros per year and prevent the emission of the equivalent of 3 500 tonnes of CO2.

For more information about CLES, please contact us.