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Port services

A Strasbourg

The company Manutention Transport Service (MTS) specialises in multi-bulk operations. Its site at 7 Rue de Dunkerque is served by three modes of transport – rail, river and road.

The company’s main activity is the handling, transit, storage and packaging of heavy goods. MTS also deals with more than 4 000 wagons a year, mainly for washing and minor repairs. Its washing facilities are approved for use with various products, including wines, fruit juices, sugar, cereals, fertilisers and sodium carbonate (soda ash).

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RET offers transshipment and storage services for conventional and bulk goods.

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The Dalhunden port site runs alongside the Rhine, about 40 kms north of Strasbourg. It is mainly used for loading cereals.
RET loads cereals there using a 200-metre wharf.

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